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I'm Johanna. I am a holistic health coach, passionate creative and supporter of women.

I am a #mumonamission to help other mums (like yourself) over come the barriers that stop them reaching their full potential, by helping them to restore their identity and self belief/confidence after baby. I help them to create a life that is filled with self defined freedom, flow & fulfilment. Through our work together I guide my clients to a life in which they become better at being themselves.

I am also the host of the Raising Women Podcast and am striving to build a global community of like minded women that believes together we can make positive change in the world. Raising Women is very much a heart centered purpose driven business and I am very passionate about giving back.

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One of the most common reasons women give me as to why they are not reaching their full potential is TIME. Yes, as mothers we have much less 'free' time than before children, however, it is my belief that they do not lack time but focus, clarity and headspace. When we are very clear about what we are doing, we can be very effective with the little time we have.

I work with women (like you) to turn lack in clarity of purpose into clear goals. By creating a safe space for them to explore what is really holding them back, I ask them the 'right' questions that help them to become much more clear about what it is they really want and how to break through the barriers that have been holding them back. My coaching sessions provide time to get into 'that' much needed headspace in which life becomes much clearer.

As a mother myself I understand the restraints of family life and know that our needs are often buried under every else's. We can often feel overwhelmed, lack motivation and start to lose confidence as we stumble to regain our identity after the changes that motherhood brings to our lives. As mothers our outlook to work changes and the corporate world no longer satisfies us. We want to make a difference and create sustainable purpose driven businesses allowing us the freedom to mother.

The women I work with are striving for financial independence (often driven my a desire to give back), they want to use their creativity, reach their potential, create work/life balance, they want create freedom in their work, and be recognised for being something other than a mum. Often the women I work with are goal driven, want to feel purposeful, crave fulfilment and most of all a need to find they place in this world.

My 1:1 coaching sessions are personalised and tailored to you, and your specific needs. I will support you with whatever your heart wants to create, change or shift.

Your coaching options :


1 x 90 minute session (via SKYPE) + Follow Up E-Mail

70 euros (approx £60)


1 x 90 minute introductory session (via SKYPE) + 4 x 60 minute sessions (via SKYPE) + e-mail support and worksheets + Access to the private Raising Women online community

230 euros per month (approx £200 per month)

You can read more about what my clients say below.

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"Johanna Rossi is the most inspiring and unobtrusive person to help you along your journey... Through her gentle support and encouragement, she has helped me yield fierce results. I feel like ME again and my husband has really noticed what a huge and positive impact this support has had on me. I feel like I have so much more energy to tackle life with my very active two year old toddler now through the, conscious, inclusion of myself in the caring of my family!"

- Sonya Lavery

"Johanna is most certainly one of the most incredible women in my life and she holds a special place for being beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Generous beyond measures and with a strength towards life like no other I know. Her work and friendship inspires me continuously"

- Lianne Llewellyn

"My coaching experience has given me a timeless and invaluble toobox to create a life closer to my dreams. Johanna reminded me to dream and help me to find the courage to bring those dreams to life. Thank you Johanna for being there throughout my journey"

- Patricia Montaldo Kruger

"From my first session with Johanna, I walked away feeling uplifted and excited about the changes I knew had to happen in my life. Her ability to clear away all the clutter, mentally and physically, allowed me to start looking at my life more holistically and focus on the areas that I really wanted to improve. Her approach is gentle and incredibly supportive, I felt extremely at ease during our sessions. As a result my goals are now structured, more attainable and I approach everything with more clarity."

- Tenille Fisher

"Being a working mother of two, it is easy to get lost in the day to day busy work of running a business and taking care of children. As women, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and nourish our creativity. Johanna's program was just what I needed to reconnect with my creativity, explore my values and really re-examine what is important in life. The program will help you grow individually and move closer to your goals."

- Lacey Tu

"Your deep encouragement to take one step at a time and listen to my body's needs, desires and responses, has truly made me feel healthier and more confident"

- Vi Lietuva

"My coaching experience has given me a timeless and invaluble toobox to create a life closer to my dreams. Johanna reminded me to dream and help me to find the courage to bring those dreams to life. Thank you Johanna for being there throughout my journey"

- Patricia Montaldo Kruger

"Thank you a thousand times. I am loving my sessions with you, from a business perspective its been ' revolutionary ' I feel so much more on top of things and on a personal level it has been amazing to have your support through what is quite a transitional /difficult time for me . You have been truly invaluable and I hope to continue our sessions even after we have finished our six week course . Thank you again Johanna, you are really and truly one in a million and I feel very blessed to have you as my mentor."

- Judith Emanuel